Academic Plan

Learning Outcome

Competencies of Fashion and Textile Craft Graduates are:

  1. Able to creatively and innovatively design textile and fashion products using technology to face trend and condition of environmental issues 
  2. Master the theory and knowledge of textile and fashion design and develop as well as communicate them
  3. Able to make academic and independent design decisions in leading the working team
  4. Have ethic, aesthetic, appreciative and participative attitudes in making design

Main competencies of Fashion and Textile Craft Graduates are:

  1. Able to apply basic knowledge of art and design
  2. Apply basic theory of textile fashion and design
  3. Arrange concept of technical design of fashion product
  4. Produce creative brief for the product development
  5. Make documentation of working progress
  6. Able to apply basic communication theory
  7. Coordinate and conduct internal meeting with the team

Supporting competencies Fashion and Textile Craft Graduates are:

  1. Determine material, tools and technique will be used in the project
  2. Explore textile material and other supporting material
  3. Make fashion product prototype
  4. Do final works
  5. Interpret client brief and re-elaborate it to other party and arrange the working team
  6. Present design product to the client verbally or in form of portfolio
  7. Make a merchandising concept for the fashion product made
  8. Make a business plan of the fashion product
  9. Evaluate design products
  10. Recommend convincing argument of the product designs to the client
  11. Develop and communicate the design concept

Other competencies Fashion and Textile Craft Graduates are:

  1. Calculate production cost and apply a financial management in making products
  2. Able to arrange complete documentation to protect Intelectual Rights of the product created
  3. Apply effective communication, including persuasion, negotiation and coordination with kinds of parties
  4. Sensitively understand social situation and the community’s needs towards the product created

Curriculum Structure

Berikut merupakan Stuktur Kurikulum 2016 Program Studi S1 Kriya Tekstil & Mode yang telah dirumuskan berdasarkan profil lulusan, kompetensi, bidang kajian dan capaian pembelajaran yang telah disusun sebelumnya

Diagram Relasi Antar Mata Kuliah


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