The Craft Textile and Fashion department, one of the excellent undergraduate programs at the Faculty of Creative Industries has produced professional graduates both working as practitioners and entrepreneurs in the textile and fashion industry. To support the students’ abilities in designing innovative textile and fashion products based on Nusantara culture with ICT optimization, lecturers from various disciplines of craft, textile, fashion, with the addition of new arts and business will guide through the whole process of becoming an aspiring designer in the future. Furthermore, creativepreneurship traits are highly encouraged for students of the craft, textile, and fashion department to compete as global leaders by learning and building networks directly from the leading textile and fashion industry.

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To excel in the eld of craft, textile, and fashion and to be the center of creativepreneur development based on Nusantara culture with the optimization of information, communication, and technology (ICT).


To organize education that supports the competence of creativepreneurship based on Nusantara culture as the foundation of work and to strengthen identity in the global world by optimizing ICT in the process.

To conduct innovative research in the area of craft, textile, and fashion focusing on Nusantara culture while developing competencies in creativepreneurship with the optimization of ICT.

To take part in community service based on the local values of the Nusantara culture which was developed by the optimization of ICT to improve the quality of life of the wider community.


Fashion event Management/ Public Relations

Fashion Designer

Fashion Editor / Journalist

Fashion Merchandiser / Buyer / Marketer Fashion Photographer

Textile Designer

Boutique / Retail Store Manager

Fashion Stylist / Consultant

Fashion Coordinator

Accessories Designer (Footwear, Bag, Hat, and Jewelry)

Costume Designer

Clothing Manufacturer

Design Educator

Fashion Illustrator

Fashion Merchandiser / Buyer / Marketer

Pattern Maker

Brand Manager, Visual Display Artist

High Street Clothes Retailing


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